Mergers & Acquisitions

You are considering a merger or acquisition? It is perhaps the most revolutionary event in the life of your company. After all, it concerns, people, money, opportunities and risks. In such situations, it is important to act carefully. 

Our lawyers and employees focus on acquisitions involving the larger Dutch companies in the small and medium-sized enterprise sector (SME). Amongst other, we represent foreign multinationals or investors that are looking for acquisitions in the Netherlands. We also assist parties in mergers within our national borders.

From Letter of Intent to closing

When necessary, we accompany our clients throughout the process, from Letter of Intent to closing. We are the business sparring partner for parties that make acquisitions frequently.

Is an acquisition not everyday fare for you or your company? Will emotions possibly play a big role? In those cases, we can serve as your guide throughout, and walk you through the entire process. It pays to remember: the sooner you come to us, the sooner we can help you think this through. It guarantees a smooth process.

Smooth and professional

In all cases, we endeavour to make the transaction go smoothly and professionally. We address legal obstacles that can influence the acquisition price or that can upset the process. Things such as change-of-control provisions in contracts, environmental problems or legal procedures.

Extra Value

The greatest extra value we provide in a merger and acquisition process is the fact that we know what to look for. We are pragmatic in outlook, have all necessary disciplines on board and have great knowledge about and experience with business people and companies.