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Franca Damen


Is the balance between healthy and tasty arranged?

  • Food & Health
  • Competition & Market Regulation
13 December 2016 | It is important that consumers can make a conscious choice for consumer goods based on easy and honest information. Therefore, consumers have to be protected regarding food...

WhatsApp during working hours? No work, no pay!

  • IT and Telecom
  • Employment & Social Security
  • IT, Privacy & Data Security
08 December 2016 | This article was originally published in Texpress no. 11 of October 2016 (in Dutch) Millions of workers use WhatsApp’s communication services. Worldwide, billions...

Is the Dutch reformed Dismissal Act here to stay?

  • Government & Institutions
  • Employment & Social Security
08 December 2016 | The Dutch Minister of Social Affairs Lodewijk Asscher has received some criticism on his reform of the Dismissal Act (Wet Werk en Zekerheid, Wwz). Already in March, not even...

Erik van der Molen

Advisor Asia Practice

Revisions to China’s regulations on Foreign Direct Investments (FDI)

  • Asia
06 December 2016 | Recently, the Chinese government authorities started implementing the Provisional Measures for Filing Administration of Establishment and Changes of Foreign Invested...

Data Protection Officer cannot have dual positions

  • Competition & Market Regulation
  • IT, Privacy & Data Security
06 December 2016 | A company in Germany was warned by the German privacy watchdog for the fact that its Data Protection Officer (DPO) was also the IT manager from that company. According to the...