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Eric Janssen

Attorney, Of Counsel

Preferential loans for farmers, state aid proof!

  • Government & Institutions
  • Competition & Market Regulation
22 November 2016 | A Polish aid measure was approved by the European Commission (Commission) in a judgment of October 31st, 2016. The measure allows producers of dairy, pig meat and fruit and...

How secure are your smart fridge, thermostat and alarm system?

  • IT and Telecom
  • IT, Privacy & Data Security
21 November 2016 | Welcome in the 21st century, where not just you, but also things are online. Who doesn’t have a smart thermostat at home that you can control with your smartphone? These smart...

Joost Vrancken Peeters

Partner, Attorney

Off to China with Rotterdam Partners; One Belt One Road

  • International trade & Logistics
  • Asia
17 November 2016 | Kneppelhout & Korthals is currently participating in the trade mission to Shanghai and Chongqing in China as organized by Rotterdam Partners. During this mission, a...

Eric Janssen

Attorney, Of Counsel

Interlocutory judgment could be state aid

  • Government & Institutions
  • Competition & Market Regulation
17 November 2016 | In a judgment of October 26th, 2016, the Court of Justice has ruled that a preliminary renewal from a interlocutory judge can be assigned as state aid. Case In 1960, Greek...

Landine Varela


Rights on emojis?

  • Intellectual Property & Advertising
17 November 2016 | Emojis are rather popular these days. Emoji, not to be confused with an emoticon like :-) or :-(, is Japanese for picture (e) and character (moji). These characters,...