Celine van der Weide

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Meet Celine

Celine is part of the Competition law Team of Kneppelhout & Korthals. She litigates and advises on competition-related issues. Celine is specifically focusing on sustainability. "Many companies are  in the process of making their services and products more sustainable, but encounter major uncertainties as regards the boundaries set by the competition rules. For example, whether arrangements with suppliers, customers or competitors can be allowed. It would be a shame if such sustainable initiatives would unnecessearily not be realized." 

Prior to starting at Kneppelhout in 2017, Celine was part of the Competition law team at another big law firm (Van Doorne). She graduated cum laude from Utrecht University, specializing in Legal Research with a focus on competition law.

Celine & Kneppelhout

"Competition law is a complex field of law. Violating competition rules can result in major fines. As a result, the cases we work on are very interesting and requires intensive collaboration with clients. Turning the complex rules into practical and viable advises and solutions, that's what makes this job great!"