Emma van 't Hof

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Meet Emma

Emma van ’t Hof obtained her bachelor’s degree in law in Utrecht. In Tilburg she continued her education with a master’s degree in private law. During her commute by train to Tilburg, Emma became fascinated by the renovation of Utrecht central station and the surrounding area. The master module in construction law was thus of special interest to her. She wrote her master’s thesis on how risks are divided between client and contractor in a conventional building contract. Since October 2015, Emma has been working as a lawyer in the Real Estate section, focusing on the civil aspects of property law. 

Emma is very pleased with Kneppelhout’s Rotterdam mentality: no nonsense, just get on with it, be direct and honest. The lines of communication within the firm are short, and the same goes for the relationship with the client, which has a good impact on the atmosphere at work. As the real estate practice of Kneppelhout is quite big, Emma has the privilege of working for many different types of client, which gives her a lot of opportunity for personal growth. 

In her spare time, Emma likes jogging or playing a game of hockey. In addition, she likes playing board games and cards, Machiavelli and jass being her favourite games.