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Esther van Aalst works in the Company Law section with a focus on acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures. She also manages the Competition & Market Regulation Team that consists of five specialists with a broad expertise.

Esther has built up her knowledge and experience in the field of competition law since 1998. From her M&A practice, she has a lot of routine in assisting clients with merger filings, with the European Commission as well as with the competition authorities in several EU Member States. Finally, she has vast experience in and publishes about (re)structuring distribution networks and offline and online sales restrictions, such as retail price maintenance.

Esther represents the Dutch seat in the Antitrust Alliance, an alliance of competition law lawyers in more than 20 EU countries. As a result, clients are assured of specialist support across the EU.

During the more than 15 years that she has spent in the legal profession, Esther has guided dozens of acquisition transactions. She guides her clients with dedication and keeps things moving until the deal is concluded and even thereafter, such as in the case of disputes concerning the acquisition balance sheet or earn-out payments.

Esther and Kneppelhout
‘I love my work. In such an intense job, eating healthy food and a healthy lifestyle are important. So it is perhaps not a surprise to know that I am a member of the Sector Group for Food & Health.’



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