Lotte Hulsbos

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Meet Lotte

In 2013, Lotte Hulsbos successfully completed the training programme for executive secretary/management assistant at the Schoevers Institute in Rotterdam. Since September 2014, she has been a Junior Legal Secretary in the Intellectual Property and ICT section. In her work, she maintains a positive and client-friendly attitude. She is eager to learn and is exceptionally meticulous.

Lotte and Kneppelhout
‘I want to become proficient in my new work environment as quickly as possible. This is why I enrolled in the specialisation programme for legal secretary at the Schoevers Institute immediately after entering employment.’

‘In my spare time, I can often be found on the beach in Zeeland. I love to walk there with my dog and then end the walk by relaxing in a beach pavilion. I like to visit cities and love to go shopping with my family or friends.’


Legal secretary