Marc van der Velden

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Meet Marc

Marc studied Mechanical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology and completed his master’s study Advanced Mechatronics and Physics Education successfully. After graduating, Marc started in 2005 as scientific researcher/teacher at the Delft University of Technology. Marc started his career in Intellectual Property in 2008 at Exter Polak & Charlouis (EP&C) where he was sworn in as Dutch and European patent attorney in 2011 and successfully finished the professional training Benelux Trademarks and Design Attorneys in 2013. In 2015, Marc started working as an independent patent attorney and has linked to Kneppelhout since 1 February 2017. At his clients, Marc is known as clear, quick-witted and having a wide interest.

Marc & Kneppelhout?

“Think outside the box”, that’s what Marc got along with from his youth. Hence, Kneppelhout and Marc found each other by looking at the boundaries of their field and having the common vision that the client is central and better advised by combining forces rather than competing. Marc and Kneppelhout therefore complement each other well.

Marc’s personal life

In his spare time, Marc is spending a lot of time with his family. Together doing sports, making music, but also watching a series on the couch provides the necessary relaxation next to a busy work life. In addition, you can find Marc regularly in a dojo where he loses and finds energy on the judo mat, also by teaching the youngest ones.


Patent Attorney