Mariëlle Lathouwers

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Meet Mariëlle

Mariëlle Lathouwers has  worked as a lawyer in the Labour Law section since 2010. In her practice, she advises and litigates on all cases that draw the attention of employers and employees in the field of labour law. She is also regularly called on for consultation and advice with respect to general personnel affairs.

Before Mariëlle went to work in the legal profession, she worked as an HR Manager at a technical executive recruiting agency. In this position, she was responsible for all personnel matters, including recruitment and selection, coaching, career development, giving training sessions, coordination of absences due to illness, etc.

Mariëlle and Kneppelhout
‘From the perspective of my position as an HR Manager, I know that decisions taken by the employer can have an impact on the motivation, commitment and quality of the personnel. This has a direct effect on the success and continuity of the organisation. As an HR Manager, you try to anticipate this by searching for (practical) solutions as much as possible that best fit the interests of both groups. But this is not always easy. I know from experience that communication that has been adapted to the target group and situation is always essential for the success of any decision taken within the organisation. In my position as a lawyer, I use this experience. In the advice I give to clients (both employers and employees), I try to focus not only on the legally relevant matters or arguments, but also particularly on the practical application of these matters and the impact they have on the organisation and the employee. It is this practical attitude that my clients appreciate the most.’

‘In my free time, I love to kitesurf in the summer and to snowboard in the winter – which means I love to be out in the open air. I also like to spend time with friends and family.’