Merel Rooijakkers

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Meet Merel

Merel read law at the University of Amsterdam, obtaining her bachelor’s degree with distinction, and opted for the Private Law: the Commercial Legal Practice master’s degree programme. She graduated in 2015, and her thesis on compulsory settlements in Dutch and American bankruptcy law was given a distinction. Merel discovered that she was passionate about the international corporate practice when she studied a semester at Columbia University in New York in 2014, where she liked the course on negotiations best: That is a skill that comes in very handy being an attorney! After various experiences as a trainee at courts and law firms, Merel started in March 2016 as an attorney within the Corporate Law section

Merel & Kneppelhout
Merel & the Kneppelhout colleagues got to know each other when she took part in the annual student master class. She immediately fell for the firm: a no-nonsense attitude where people give it their all to help their clients in the best possible way. As Merel focuses on different specializations within the Corporate Law section, she has ample opportunity to develop both as a person and professional.

Merel in her spare time
'In my spare time, you are likely to find me outdoors: jogging to clear my head or a stroll around the park with friends, engaging in a good talk. Skiing is what I love most, so I go on skiing holidays every year. Closer to home, I like to go to the theatre, museums, and I am always keen on finding nice bars and restaurants. But to be honest: I also appreciate a relaxing evening at home, watching a film or reading a good book!'