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Is your company struggling financially? If so, Otto de Witt Wijnen, who has nearly 20 years of experience with bankruptcies under his belt, is the right lawyer for you. Besides his work as a trustee, Otto also advises companies that are confronted with bankruptcies in one way or another. This could be suppliers whose outstanding invoices are long overdue, management board members or supervisory directors who are confronted by trustees, or companies that are weathering a financial storm. The prevention of bankruptcy, or a reorganisation or a relaunch of a company are proven remedies in these cases.

Banks and financers that want to set up or sell off securities can turn to Otto. His extensive practical experience as a trustee makes him the ideal advisor and sparring partner. He has a thorough knowledge of how trustees think and operate.

A large number of rescue operations that Otto has supervised both in the Netherlands and abroad have led to a successful revival of the companies concerned.



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