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Robbert van Opstal (1975) has been a lawyer since 2003. He is specialized in agricultural law, more specifically the Common Agricultural Policy from the European Union, lease, leasehold and liabilities and corporate entitlements that could occur in the agricultural environment. He knows his way around when it comes to public law and private law, such as soil contamination, and has great expertise in litigating and procedural law. He prefers to use his knowledge on procedural law to prevent problems that could result into judicial procedures.

In June 2015, he has successfully completed his Stewardship Program at the Dutch Association of Stewardships (NVR). Furthermore, in 2008, Robbert has successfully completed the postdoctoral specialization in Real Estate at the Grotius Academy. The combination of being a lawyer in the agricultural environment and the practical approach of being a steward ensure the fact that he can support you in numerous ways. Robbert works mainly with agricultural companies, agricultural entrepreneurs, municipalities and environmental organizations. 

Robbert & Kneppelhout

"The countryside, farmer's life and nature have always been my great passion. My love for the outdoor can be seen in the deep understanding I have of judicial problems of all stakeholders in the agricultural environment. My spare time is mostly spent in enjoying the beauty of the countryside and nature".