Mission and values

It is our mission and permanent assignment 'to help clients move forward'. We want to help our clients do business successfully by being a business partner that advises them proactively and pragmatically, removes legal barriers, always goes the extra mile and puts the client’s experience centre stage. We can only fulfil this assignment when we sincerely care about clients and set to work according to our values and high standards. Our CARE values point the way to achieving this:

  • Commitment: Sincere dedication and commitment to our clients and a passion for our profession.

  • Anticipating: Looking ahead so that future pitfalls, adversity and misfortune can be avoided as much as possible.

  • Respectful: Mutual respect forms the basis for every good relationship, internally and externally. When we appreciate one another, the rest falls into place and relationships become valuable.

  • Effective: Doing the right things and getting results that help our clients move forward.