Our vision

We believe in doing things differently and better. If our lawyers elicit thoughts of being expensive, unpleasantness and being a necessary evil, then we are doing something wrong. We believe that we should provide extra value in every respect. A good price/quality ratio, a wide range of high-quality services, better service and a sincere interest in people. In the league of mid-sized, high-quality law firms, making a real difference can be found in the method of collaboration, the intensity of the relationship and the effectiveness of the solution.


  1. Service: Providing the best service and seeing the relationship and experience with the client as a distinguishing factor.

  2. Culture: A client-oriented and flexible organizational culture in which our CARE values are lived out and we roll up our sleeves in the traditional Rotterdam fashion.

  3. Full service specialists: Having all knowledge and areas of expertise on hand to be able to serve companies and governments over a broad spectrum, supplemented by areas of expertise that are not on offer everywhere.

  4. Mid-sized law firm: Large enough to guarantee high quality, to serve clients optimally and to handle large cases, and small enough to know each other well, to respect one another and to join forces to make it work.

  5. Client-oriented organisation: Organising the firm according to market segments increases our knowledge of clients and their business, as well as our ability to be effective and to anticipate what’s down the road.