Socially engaged

Doing business with a social commitment has 3 dimensions: economic achievements (Profit), with respect for the social side (People), within the ecological preconditions (Planet). We realise that our mission ‘to help clients move forward’ also has a social component that reaches beyond our immediate stakeholders. We also realise that we have another 1,000 opportunities to improve with respect to the car we drive, our use of public transport, the clothes we wear, the energy we consume and the food that we eat. Yet we are primarily a law firm with a relatively small ‘footprint’ and a high degree of client orientation. We are also not a fan of ‘greenwashing’ or making things out to be better than they are.

Of course, at Kneppelhout & Korthals Advocaten attention is given to:

  • Reducing the kilometres travelled and using public transport as much as possible,
  • Recycling paper and other waste and reducing the use of paper,
  • Conserving energy.

But we do not believe that we can make a big difference in all these areas. Yet the small difference we make does count. Our attention is primarily focused on ensuring our activities have a social impact and relevance. In the years to come, we want to make the difference within the dimension called ‘People’. We want to be engaged with society when doing business by voluntarily investing in the local community through our expertise, manpower and networks.