A magnificent view of Rotterdam’s skyline: from your desk, you can see the Van Brienenoord Bridge, De Kuip stadium, the Unilever Building, the River Maas, the court house, the Erasmus Bridge and the market, including the new Market Hall. That is, if you are looking through the window to the outside. Because inside, people are hard at work.

Collaboration occupies a central position in these efforts. The work is not only focused on the law, but you are also working with others on the further development of the legal firm. And it all happens in an informal atmosphere.  There is ofcourse time for enjoying each others company and to unwind! That’s what it is like working at Kneppelhout. Does it appeal to you?

We work for our clients from our office in the Boompjes in the city centre of Rotterdam. Our clients are large and mid-sized companies, governments and various institutions that operate both nationally and internationally. Around 27 lawyers and 8 support staff work at Kneppelhout. This makes us one of the few mid-sized firms in Rotterdam.

It is our mission to help clients to do business successfully. We do this based on four core values: Commitment, Active, Respect and Effective. CARE, we take care of our clients. These core values are reflected in the way in which we treat each other and our clients. We are a partner that offers legal solutions, proactively advises and that always takes that extra step. Helping clients is the motive for everyone that works at Kneppelhout. 

That’s why we say: ‘Kneppelhout, not just a law firm!’