ICT Business Event Rotterdam

Kneppelhout en Korthals, Boompjes 40 in Rotterdam
Target Audience
Relations and other interested parties

To the interested party,

It is our pleasure to announce that on 28 October 2014 there will an ICT Business Event in Rotterdam. In the current global economic situation, with increasing competition and cost pressures, most businesses, companies or organizations do well getting advantage of cost savings to compete better and finding a way to access to new market through international co-operation or through outsourcing.

In recent years, Vietnam’s ICT growth has been very rapid and is considered one of the fastest growing markets in Vietnam. The ICT industry's growth rate in Vietnam is twice as much than the average Asian growth rate and 3-times bigger than the global ICT industry's growth rate, which is among the top ICT markets worldwide.
Vietnam ranks ninth among the top10 nations for outsourcing in the world based on six criteria,including the proportion and quality of human resources, labourcosts,trade promotion activities, infrastructure,risk levels and livingstandards,according to a recent survey by the Tholons-Global Services Group the Vietnam Software Association has announced that the local software industry is developing with an annual growth rate of 30-40 percent.The country is home to more than 720 outsourcing companies and nearly 9,000 IT-engineers who have been trained at universities and colleges.

This seminar is intended for representatives of Dutch and Vietnamese companies, and who want to explore new markets and business opportunities in the areas of IT high/tech industries in Vietnam. In addition, we focus on managers who are interested in offshore and outsourcing and wanting to know what opportunities for innovation, improvement and cost savings improvement.

We hope to see you there.