Kneppelhout & Korthals is a mid-sized, full-service legal firm. This means we offer several services, of which the client benefits. But why is us being mid-sized important for you a client?

The advantage of being a mid-sized firm is that the size or our firm makes it possible for our employees to really (get to) know each other, to respect each other and to stand strong as a team. Yet we are large enough to be able to handle important, large cases. We join forces and are not affected by the law of diminishing returns.

Specialist, not a generalist
Full service means that we can assist you in all relevant specialisms – effectively and efficiently. And, of course, we go the extra mile and tailor our services to fit your specific situation/case and you as a businessperson. Because specialists are just a little faster, more effective and better informed than generalists.

Participate and win
At Kneppelhout, we have specialists that know everything there is to know about matters such as international trade, customs cases, additional claims, chain liability, specific labour law cases, patents, financial audits, relaunching businesses and legal structures. Our lawyers and employees work at an extremely high level. It’s a must – because we not only want to participate, we want to win. We would like to show you what they do and how they do it, as well as what this can mean in extra value for you.

Our greatest specialism is teamwork
Synergy and joining forces are our magic words. Because most of the time many of our cases are multidisciplinary and contain an international component. For example a case involving a merger in which all business and legal aspects must be higlighted – private-law positions, liabilities, commercial contracts, labour law matters and intellectual property.

We take care of all these aspects at the same time. In the case we should lack a certain specialism (such as tax expertise), we work together with trusted external specialists. Our international network, too, can provide your company with extra value as well. Our world, particularly for businesspeople, does not stop at national borders, the Dutch language or the Dutch law.