Administrative Law

Public law regulates the relationship between the semi-public/government sector on the one hand, and citizens and companies on the other. A good knowledge of public law is key. But field of law is large. One that you will often be confronted by when applying for an environmental spatial planning permit or when rules are enforced. But also when the government makes a decision that hinders your business activities. If thats is the case, what are your options?

It is not always a matter of winning or losing

If a government takes a decision and you fail to lodge an objection on time, then the decision is irrevocable. Subsequently, court judges assume that the decision is correct, even when it is incorrect. You then perhaps think that it is useless to fight the decision simply because the government always wins. In our experience, it is not always a matter of winning or losing. For us, it is important that governments and companies communicate properly. Some decisions do, of course, restrict or limit companies. But, through careful consultation, we want to achieve the best solution possible, taking into consideration the interests of all parties. Besides, lawsuits often take time and are expensive.

Lawyer for governments and companies

Our lawyers look for the optimal solution. It makes no difference to us whether we represent you as the lawyer of a semi-public sector/government or as a company's lawyer. Due to our years of experience, we understand the political situation involving administrative law that the semi-public sector/governments can find themselves in. For businesspeople, we try to find the path that leads to a win-win situation between the public’s interests and a company’s interests.

How do we do that? We don’t pull our punches in the legal sphere when called for, but are practical and solution-oriented when possible. We know current affairs. We have good access to and knowledge of different semi-public sectors/governments and we think like businesspeople.

We keep our clients up to date on the latest developments, and advise and litigate on cases that pertain to:
> Local government law, laws governing district water boards and the application of the Joint Regulations Act (Wet gemeenschappelijke regelingen);
> General Administrative law (Algemeen Bestuursrecht);
> Open Government Act (Wet openbaarheid van bestuur);
> Administrative sanctions law/economic criminal law;
> Environmental and Spatial Planning law;
> Water law;
> Heating and Energy law;
> Land policy and land management (expropriation law/Municipalities Preferential Rights Act [Wet voorkeursrecht gemeenten], land-use planning, lease);
> Government liability; and
> Agrarian law.