Calls for Tenders

It is important that you make purchases for your company or for the government for whom you work in a good manner. In addition to the size of the project, governments must also give consideration to the aspect of public accountability. Calls for tenders should, therefore, take place precisely and according to the rules of the Public Procurement Act. The goal of this law is to achieve an optimal price/value relationship for citizens through open competition between the bidders.

Detailed and Complicated

The rules governing calls for tenders are detailed and complex. Provisions in legislation and regulations sometimes overlap. And determining and carefully formulating what is needed now and in the future is no picnic. Particularly when it comes to IT and the building of new, large-scale infrastructure projects, it is almost impossible to determine in advance the requirements that large and complex systems will have to meet. Among other reasons, this is because they are often multiyear projects and the economic situation can fluctuate. The call for tenders is often won due to the bid price and problems arise (fairly quickly) when the work delivered proves unacceptable.

Our lawyers will support and advise you with drafting and submitting a call for tenders. This will prevent any procedural errors. We provide not only legal advice, we also guide you through drafting the Request for Proposal as effectively as possible. We have considerable experience in this area.

Think before you start

If problems arise, we are ready to help you. We have substantial knowledge of the government and of the construction and IT world. If necessary, we will call on colleagues that have other specialisms. This enables us to prevent fiascos and to provide value. It’s good to remember: there is no such thing as an inexpensive fiasco and thinking things through before starting something has always been a good plan.