Corporate Litigation & Advice

A good legal structure and a good record of corporate decisions and agreements are important mainstays for the long-term success of your company. You must clearly establish your company’s flexibility, tax position and its relations and responsibilities on paper. This can be done, for example, in the form of shareholders agreements, shareholders decisions, management board decisions and management regulations.

Doing this will enable you to manage your company properly, efficiently and responsibly. It will help to prevent problems from arising later on. It is not uncommon for disputes to arise between shareholders, and/or for there to be disputes resulting from acquisitions and buyouts, disputes about liability or about improper conduct on the part of management board members, supervisory directors and/or accountants.

Reviewing, preventing, anticipating

We advise our clients on the legal aspects of these matters. If necessary, we will work side by side with tax specialists and civil-law notaries to do so thoroughly. One of the goals of our services is to prevent disputes that might arise in the future.

Working efficiently

Businesspeople attend to their business and its future. We work efficiently and shelter you from the storm as much as possible. Our deep knowledge of company law, combined with our expertise in the area of litigation and settling disputes, make us a corporate litigator of significance.

Realistic, responsible and effective

We analyse the opportunities and, together with you, formulate realistic and responsible goals. Finding an effective solution is our priority. This can be done by going to court or calling in arbitrators, yet often an amicable arrangement can be reached.

Corporate litigation lawyers are shrewd lawyers. You will find them at Kneppelhout, where the lawyers are able to take control of any match.