Employment & Social Security

Your employees are the most important capital your company has. They are your ambassadors. They create value, they produce and they deliver. But they also talk about you as a company, employer and brand. This means that they have a direct influence on the profit and loss account and image of your company. It is therefore important for you to organise and record the relationships, rights and obligations of your employees properly. Because things can always go wrong at some point.

When parting ways, the rules of labour law always apply

If your employees, for instance, create too little value or they damage your trust in them at some point, then it could be time to part ways. In these types of cases, you must observe the rules of labour law.

Not only a lawyer, but also a person

Apart from being legal specialists, our lawyers specialised in labour law are also people. We have knowledge of all areas of labour law. We understand that all legal cases have commercial and emotional aspects. A lawyer specialised in labour law at Kneppelhout looks at the business context and resolves his  or her cases with careful attention. How this must happen is often more defining than what must happen. Our lawyers know this, guide you through sometimes rough waters and are always ready to assist you – 24/7.

Extra Value

The extra value we provide as a full-service legal firm becomes evident in cases primarily involving labour law. It is not uncommon, for instance, that an intellectual property or confidentiality clause is included in employment contracts. The employment contracts of senior management generally include articles concerning corporate governance, liabilities or matters pertaining to a managing director under the articles of association. In this event, we work together with our Intellectual Property/ICT section and Company Law section.

Collaborating with Experts

In order to promote your interests optimally, we work with our Parlex colleague in cases involving international labour law and, when necessary, we call in pension experts or tax specialists.

What can we do for you?

Advise, negotiate and litigate with respect to:

  • Non-competition and relationship clauses
  • (Collective) dismissals
  • Employment contracts
  • (Collective) employment conditions 
  • Personnel matters 
  • Employee participation
  • Civil Servants law
  • Maritime labour law
  • Outsourcing and transfer of business
  • Restructuring
  • Adjusting employment conditions
  • Employers liability
  • Workers participation
  • Privacy
  • Sick employees
  • Working Hours Act
  • Whistleblower
  • International labour law
  • To assign / to second / payrolling
  • Statutory Director
  • Right to strike 

Clients and Cases (track record)

• Anthony Veder
Editing the existing employment contracts for seamen and bringing them into line with new legislation (MLC).

• Mitra
Advising on the staff consequences of a transformation into a franchise organisation. Expansive reorganisation with respect to Mitra’s own shops.

• Oilinvest
At the behest of the employer, editing the employment contracts for employees who have come to the Netherlands from Monaco.

• Employee affairs
o Assisting an employee incapable of work in contract dissolution proceedings instituted by the employee.
o Assisting two employees/shareholders behind the scene in the process of parting with their employer.
o Assisting (now 4) employees against an employer who is systematically trying to part with them on illegitimate grounds.
o Assisting an employee that was unjustifiably dismissed on the spot in the conditional dissolution and in the proceedings instituted to claim back wages.