Intellectual Property & Advertising

You want to introduce a new product that competitors will not be able to copy easily. What must you do to achieve this? What must you pay attention to? Are you allowed to say that it is the best product on the market? May you compare your product with the product of someone else? These questions concern legal areas covered by intellectual property law and advertising law.

We are your partner

We will assist you with registering your (trademark) rights or protecting your ideas. We will advise you about what you may and may not do in promotional statements. And of course we will also assist you if your intellectual property rights are misused or used by a third party. We have considerable experience with legal proceedings, but we are also used to guide a product with legal expertise from the idea to its realisation. Of course we understand that any advice or legal proceedings are dictated by the commercial context. Because we are a full-service legal firm, we can call on the expertise of one of our other specialisms at any time.

Practical, fast and in consultation

Our approach is practical, fast and taken in consultation. We are fighters and like to come up with an innovative route. We keep our word when agreeing to something and, because of our knowledge and experience, the advice we provide can be off the beaten path. We are not afraid to enter into discussion and we are always open to alternative strategies.

What can we do for you?

  • Protection of your brand and innovations
  • Advertising and marketing claims
  • Trademark registration