IT, Privacy & Data Security

In the span of a few years, data protection & privacy has grown to become a top issue for companies and governments. The use of mobile devices with personal, identifiable location information and cloud services is substantially increasing. Social media are also playing an ever more prominent role in daily life. Data collection by governments and government services, too, is becoming ever more important to guaranteeing the safety of citizens in today’s turbulent world.

Download Privacy Brochure - Data breach, privacy by design and the new EU general data protection regulation. 

Legal protection is a must

Because the amount of personal information is increasing on the Internet by the day and the data stored in corporate databases is continually expanding, the risk that all of this data will end up in the wrong hands is high. This prompts people to use encryption, web filtering, safely managed file transfers and legal protection.

You run risks

Tightened (EU) legislation and regulations are forcing many organisations to minimise their data & privacy risks proactively. If they fail to do this, then legal prosecution can be the consequence. Government oversight authorities can also impose hefty fines for careless actions. And, perhaps even more important, your reputation and brand can be put on the line. This can have consequences for the trust that clients and employees place in your organisation.

Advice on what to do with Big Data and personal data

Our lawyers give legal advice on how you can organise your products and services carefully and what you should do with Big Data and personal data. In addition to preventative advice, we assist you in the event of (impending) disputes with oversight authorities or other parties.

We speak the IT language and know and recognise the context in which things take place.  This enables us to shift gears quickly and to be optimally effective in our approach.

What can we handle for you?

  • Privacy policy documents
  • Direct marketing obligations with respect to commerce and consumer
  • Contract management
  • Processor agreements
  • Collaboration agreements with respect to the joint processing of personal data
  • Design and implement a worldwide data privacy policy
  • Cross-border data transfer
  • Cookies and spam
  • Data leaks
  • Passive tracking