Liability & Insurance

With the far-reaching juridification in society, the role of liability law and the demand for insurance coverage is increasing correspondingly. This tendency will impact on commerce more and more. Companies and private individuals are increasingly standing up for their interests. As an insurer, you find yourself facing an increase in claims. Who is liable for a particular loss? What losses can be recovered from someone else? How do we calculate the damage? What procedure(s) can we follow? These are all questions you can ask yourself at any moment, regardless of whether you are the insured party or the insurer.

Legal action possible, but not necessary

Liability law and insurance law are our ´core business’. We have specialist knowledge of both liability law and insurance law, and with this knowledge we assist both insurers and insured parties. This knowledge of ‘both sides of the coin’, as it were, promotes mutual understanding and thus increases the chance that a lawsuit can be avoided. Although litigation is our profession, we prefer to reach an amicable solution with the parties involved – simply because this is the most satisfying outcome for all parties.

Astute Advice

We advise clients (by way of prevention) on liability issues, say, when drafting contracts, and about policy coverage. Because of our case experience and knowledge of the insurance industry, we are able to provide astute advice on and/or to offer guidance with respect to pending or current lawsuits or arbitration or to settle disputes for you.

Among others, we are specialised in the following forms of liability law:

  • Liabilities of companies, such as:
    • breach of contract
    • guarantees
    • illegal action
    • product liability
  • Employers liability for industrial accidents and occupational disease, such as:
    • RSI
    • asbestos-related disorders
  • Car accident liability
  • Government liability
  • Professional liability of:
    • accountants
    • lawyers
    • civil-law notaries
    • architects
    • physicians
  • Position-linked liability, e.g. involving board members and supervisory directors
  • Liabilities that arise in the maritime world