Ports are flourishing economic centres, where there is constant activity and the entire world comes together. This economic activity can bring disputes and problems along with it. Transport law and maritime law must be continually complied with in a world port such as Rotterdam. International maritime law encompasses a large number of treaties that were concluded over the last few centuries. For this reason, a detailed knowledge of these treaties is crucial.

Commercial side of maritime law

Our lawyers are primarily specialised in the commercial side of maritime law: the relationships between shipowners, contract parties, etc., as well as the relationship with natural persons. All of this is important to know when determining liabilities, ownership or the liability in a collision. In this effort, they can also call on the specialists from the Liability & Insurance sector.

The specialists of the Maritime sector have extensive experience in all aspects of maritime operations, including:

  • maritime and logistics contracts
  • liabilities
  • regulations and the government
  • victims, pollution and salvaging
  • maritime safety and piracy
  • vessel financing and maritime bankruptcies
  • policy conditions
  • appeal and amicus curiae