Mergers & Acquisitions

You are considering a merger or acquisition? It is perhaps the most revolutionary event in the life of your company. After all, it concerns, people, money, opportunities and risks. In such situations, it is important to act carefully. 

Our M&A Team

The lawyers of our M&A Team combine time-tested experience and commercial awareness with specialized legal knowledge and the latest tools and techniques. Our lawyers come from diverse backgrounds and have been on both sides of the table allowing them to strike commercially balanced solutions in the interest of our clients in every transaction.


We understand that our client’s business objectives are key in every transaction and that these objectives are best served by pragmatic and proactive counselling and hands-on and well-timed advice.

We work in small, flexible and client dedicated transaction teams and we ensure partner involvement in all assignments. Our dedicated (multidisciplinary) transaction teams are best situated to add value in transactions that are characterized by heavy regulation, government interference, technological development and innovation.

Focus areas

Our team is active in areas such as:

  • Private equity: from management buy-outs and buy-ins to exits;
  • Strategic and financial corporate takeovers: from letter of intent to closing;
  • Joint ventures and other strategic cooperation's: from the first negotiations to full collaboration;
  • Structured auctions: from the information memorandum to the final negotiations and closing;
  • Corporate structuring/restructuring: from carve-outs to cross border (holding) structures;
  • Mergers and demergers; from planning the corporate structure to the execution of the plan; and
  • Legal due diligence investigations: from quick-scans to extensive (vendor) due diligence.


We work for a broad range of (international) clients in various sectors, which include private equity firms, institutional investors, (privately held) multinationals, corporate and strategic parties, management teams, entrepreneurs and/or their stakeholders.