Project Development & Real Estate

Following years of recession, the property market is reviving. Buildings are now being built throughout the Netherlands again, although sometimes on a small scale. There are also approximately 3.2 million rental homes that are largely in the hands of housing corporations. These homes obviously must be maintained.

The large expanse

A building project never stands on its own. You are confronted with a large expanse of regulations, authorisations, permits, contracts, acquisition, zoning plans and calls for tenders.

We survey all of it

Our lawyers survey the entire process: from land acquisition through to the final bill. We put our heads together with yours to find the right tailor-made solutions. We draft traditional or integrated contracts that are right for your situation. We assess your legal position if a dispute threatens and we assist you in legal proceedings if necessary. In addition to the typical building-related affairs, we also promote your interests as the landlord or tenant, investor or (land)owner.