Restructuring & Financing

Falling turnovers, declining margins and decreasing liquidity. These are often the first signs... the company has entered rough water. If the problem is of a more structural nature, then a reorganisation or restructuring can be the measure to take. This will enable your company access to financial resources again. A reorganisation or restructuring can also help you prevent bankruptcy or perhaps get you back on the right track.

Our lawyers and trustees will assist you with strategic considerations concerning different types of financing, securities, restructuring and possible liabilities.

What we can offer you:

  • We assess the entire spectrum: corporation law aspects, economic advantages and disadvantages, tax aspects, fraudulent conveyance and management liability during restructuring and insolvency. 
  • Long-term solutions. This means that we have an eye for things such as public opinion, trades unions and other stakeholders. The choice of a pre-pack insolvency or another legal form in which you can relaunch a company involves more, after all, than just the law.
  • Our experience as a trustee. It enables us to know how the judiciary thinks and how much latitude you have.
  • Many specialisms. During a restructuring or bankruptcy, matters such as Intellectual Property rights, customs matters, permits, maritime law and liabilities can be crucially important.
  • Calling on the support of specialists such as accountants and tax advisors at the right moment.

Bankruptcy is often the end of a difficult period. The relaunch of a business is the hopeful beginning of a new era. In all cases: we are there for you – with dedication, a clear view of matters and empathy.