Trade & Contracts

As a producer or supplier, you naturally have the utmost confidence in the quality of your product or service. You also have confidence in your commercial partners. After all, you have done business with them for a long time. This is probably justified. You have had no problems and cannot imagine having any in the future. Contracts and/or general conditions are of secondary importance and so are lying in a bottom drawer of your desk.

Doing business internationally entails risks

If only reality was so rosy! Experience tells us that trade, particularly international trade, entails considerable risks. Because if the products fail to meet the requirements agreed to, it can have far-reaching consequences: claims related to product liability, ‘recalls’, consequential loss and disputes between supplier and buyer. In addition, European and national product regulations such as commodities legislation, food law and regulations in the area of customs (import and export) have an increasingly important role to play. What happens, for instance, if your commercial partner defaults or gets into financial difficulties. What will you do then? 

Fast and practical, in your interest

We can advise and assist you quickly and in practical ways. Many of the risks mentioned can be reduced by solid contracts and/or sound general conditions. We will draw these documents up for you. It is something we are good at. And we do it to serve your interests.