FMCG & Retail

Most products are sold under a brand name. This makes them recognisable. In most cases, they are Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) such as food, shoes, cosmetics or clothing. Yet more permanent capital goods are also now being sold under a brand name. The brand is therefore a valuable asset and it should be protected.

Pay attention to liability

Brand manufacturers, together with retailers, are the most visible and value-creating link in the chain. As a result, you are often the party that is held responsible when things go wrong. It is therefore absolutely important for you, as well as being your responsibility, to organise things so that your liability is fenced off.

Data are in the cloud

The ‘world wide web’ is perhaps the most important development in the world of FMCG and retail. Offering your products only offline in your brick-and-mortar shop is an outdated way to do business. Because of the opportunities offered by the Internet, you can easily offer your products online. Yet, as consequence, personal and competitive data are placed in the public domain, that is to say: they are ‘in the cloud’. The boundaries of what may and may not be tolerated online are not always clear to everyone.

Tower of strength

The specialists in our FMCG & Retail sector know the online world through and through. They have an enormous knowledge of brands and (international) trade. They can be your tower of strength in stressful situations involving acquisitions, claims, fines and product recalls.

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What can we do for you?

Our services consist of advising, litigating and drafting contracts in the areas of:

  • Protection of your brand and innovations
  • Parallel import and dumping
  • Advertising and marketing claims
  • Buying and selling
  • Collaborating in the supply chain
  • Data management
  • Competition
  • Distribution contracts
  • Liabilities
  • Personnel
  • Brand registration
  • New starts