Government & Institutions

Government and Institutions

Municipal governments, district water boards, housing corporations, health care institutions and educational institutions are active in a wide array of areas. As a result, you are confronted by a broad range of legal areas. For years, Kneppelhout has acted on behalf of governments and institutions. This means that we have considerable experience in this sector. We also have abundant experience and affinity with the political and administrative aspects that are inextricably tied to your activities.

Area Development and Water Law

Our specialists assist municipal governments, district water boards and corporations with area development and redevelopment. This involves things such as the implementation of the Municipalities Preferential Rights Act (Wet voorkeursrecht gemeenten) and the expropriation of land for the building of infrastructure such as dike reinforcements. It might also involve the demarcation of water storage areas and inner city redevelopment. We assess your plans for these developments in advance and then support you in court in order to enable these plans to be implemented. We furthermore advise you on project development and structures for public-private collaboration. This advice also concerns the creation of contracts, which involves both drafting the necessary contracts and assessing them. Aspects such as competition, state aid and a call for tenders play an important role in this. We also have a long track record with a range of district water boards.

Environmental and Spatial Planning Law with aspects such as external safety

As a Rotterdam law firm, we have a large number of clients that are active in and around the Port of Rotterdam. They are faced with a wide range of specific aspects related to environmental and spatial planning law. As a result, we have considerable knowledge in the areas of external safety, nature conservancy and soil pollution. These are all aspects with which governments and institutions are regularly confronted.

Legally sharp, of course, but first and foremost practical and solution-oriented

We think along practical lines and, in legal terms, are solution-oriented. Due to this practical perspective, we can give you excellent support when you have temporary capacity problems. And when you need external personnel to lend legal assistance with a certain project, you can call on us. This could involve things such as dealing with notices of objection and appeal, processing WOZ property appraisal decisions, the creation of new employment conditions or a reassessment of your ICT policy.

What can we do for you?

Our services consist of advising, litigating and drafting contracts in the areas of:

  • Water control, municipal law and the Joint Regulations Act
  • Regional zoning policy and land management (expropriation, Municipalities Preferential Rights Act, lease/rent, purchase/sale, land-use planning, soil and cables and pipelines)
  • Water Law
  • Environmental and Spatial Planning Law (construction, environment, nature conservation law, external safety)
  • Education Law
  • Heating and Energy Law, including the settlement of disputes
  • Competition
  • Telecommunications
  • IT & privacy
  • Open Government Act
  • Calls for tenders
  • Civil Servants Law and Employment Law
  • Government liability and state aid
  • Building Law
  • Public-private cooperation and project development
  • Administrative Sanctions Law
  • Company Law (the government as shareholder)
  • Subsidies