International trade & Logistics

Trade & Logistics

The Netherlands is ‘the gateway to Europe’. The Rotterdam harbours and both of the Maasvlaktes play an important role in making this a reality. Trade, transhipment, storage and transport are the foundation on which the city is built. In view of the fact that we are a genuine Rotterdam law firm, one of our spearheads is therefore international trade and logistics.

Sparring partner

We have insight into and a solid understanding of all commercial and legal aspects that you confront in exercising your activities. It is something that is essential for us in order to be your sparring partner. Due to globalisation and digitalisation in recent decades, the complexity of legal issues has risen sharply. In a unique multidisciplinary setting, we offer specialist knowledge in the area of logistics law. You can come to us if you want to merge with another company, to make an acquisition or wish to reorganise your company. Yet if you find yourself facing something like a transport claim, we will stand by your side. 

Full service

The Trade and Logistics sector team focuses on logistics service providers, trading companies, shippers, importers, exporters and insurers. Our specialists know everything there is to know in your world. We provide full service, including an integrated customs practice.

What can we do for you?

Our services consist of advising, litigating and drafting contracts in the areas of:

  • Transport (road, sea, air, rail and combined transport)
  • Storage
  • (Customs) forwarding
  • Other logistics services
  • Insurance
  • Financing the movement of goods
  • Customs, import and export formalities
  • Export inspections and sanctions regulations
  • Horizontal collaboration in logistics
  • IT and data
  • Personnel