Maritime & Offshore Industry

Anywhere vessels sail the seas or large projects, such as shipbuilding are undertaken, things can go wrong. You know this better than anyone. Flawed constructions, collisions between vessels, other shipping disasters (fire on board/ sinking), leaking pipelines, piracy etc. The consequences of these unsolicited events have a huge impact on your operational success. It is therefore of vital importance for you to be well protected against claims and to be safeguarded against liability. This requires watertight contracts and hands on legal assistance from lawyers completely at home in the maritime community.

Assessing the situation on site

Our specialists from the ‘Maritime & Offshore Practice’ advise the supplying offshore industry, shipping companies, maritime offshore companies, contracting governments and builders. We are at home in the maritime world, know our way around. Provided possible we always personally assess the situation on site. To be able to give flawless advice or litigate successfully it is of the utmost importance to have the facts straight first hand and to be really aware of the relevant circumstances. This is what we do. This is how we win our cases and serve our clients.

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What can we do for you?

  • Litigation, disputes involving shipbuilding structures and contracts, as well as the building of luxury yachts
  • Liability + insurance and custom-made policies
  • Ship Sale & Purchase and auctioning of vessels
  • Heavy lift contracts
  • Injury at sea
  • Environmental issues
  • Collisions at sea
  • Assistance and salvage contracts
  • Offshore constructions
  • Maritime services