Real Estate

A construction project is never an isolated endeavour. It is surrounded by regulations, permission, permits and contracts. Regardless of whether it concerns commercial property, redevelopment, social housing or an infrastructure project, the laws and regulations that must be observed are ever present and the interests and number of interested parties involved are often numerous. You know this better than anyone.

Seeing the big picture, weighing the different interests and dealing with exceptional circumstances

Whether you are a property developer, structural engineer or an investor, whether you work for a corporation or for government, you are generally well-informed about the regulations that apply, particularly in subsectors. But the real art comes in how you deal with these regulations effectively, in keeping your eye on the big picture, considering things from the perspective of the different interests involved and in dealing with exceptional circumstances.

Concise, direct and clear

Our specialists have the knowledge, experience, ability and courage necessary to deal with exceptional circumstances. We work well with governments and have all the necessary specialisms in house. And when things go awry, we are ready to assist you immediately. Our work method and communication is concise, direct and clear. No tricks involved, simply value for your money.

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What can we do for you?

Our services consist of advising, litigating and drafting contracts in the areas of:

  • Redevelopment and Spatial Planning
  • DBFM-O  (Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Operate) contracts
  • Building contracts
  • Permits
  • Liability and coverage
  • Transactions and acquisitions
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Civil construction law and building disputes
  • Restructuring
  • Problems with landlords
  • Personnel