Vietnam practice

Vietnam is the new star in Asia and one of the most stable economies in the Far East. The country is rapidly being transformed from an agrarian economy to an economy with a large industrial and services sector. This makes Vietnam an attractive country in which to invest and do business.

Numerous opportunities for Dutch businesspeople

The Vietnamese government wants to create greater economic freedom and open the market further to international economic activity. Structural reforms have been implemented in order to modernise the economy, make it more market-oriented and competitive, and to improve exports. Water management is still high up on the agenda, which presents innumerable opportunities for the water-wise Dutch.

With us you are in good hands

We can support you legally with the start-up of your company in Vietnam. And with the export of goods from Vietnam to the Netherlands or vice versa, you can benefit from our legal expertise. We speak the language, we know the local market and we have the right contacts in the country. This is essential in our view. We are the only Dutch law firm that is collaborating with a dedicated partner in Vietnam (DAO & Brothers).

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What can we do for you?

  • Start-ups, joint ventures
  • Corporate governance
  • Commercial contracts
  • Transport and customs problems
  • Trade commodity
  • Finance
  • Disputes with Vietnamese partners/Dutch partners
  • IP registration in Vietnam

Whom we work for

  • Supervising the purchase of an embassy building for S.R Vietnam;
  • Collaboration with TU Delft and Water Resources University Hanoi in the field of water management;
  • Supervising a lawsuit in Vietnam for a Dutch spice manufacturer concerning non-compliance by its suppliers;
  • Assisting in a dispute with a Vietnamese distributor of pharmaceutical products for a Dutch/Italian manufacturer;
  • Mediating in a dispute between joint venture partners.