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Evert-Karel Ditvoorst

Partner, Attorney

The changed position of the director of a foundation

  • Corporate Litigation & Advice
01 October 2021 | As of July 1, 2021, with the introduction of the Act of Administration and Supervision of Legal Persons ("WBTR"), the legal position of the director of a foundation has...

Marc Padberg

Partner, Managing partner, Attorney

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

21 September 2021 | Kneppelhout wishes you a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 荷兰凯拓律师事务所祝您中秋节快乐!

Sahra Arif

Legal Associate

New EU dual-use export control: new rules adopted

  • International trade & Logistics
  • Export Controls & Sanctions
04 June 2021 | On 10 May 2021, the Council of the European Union adopted the revised text to Regulation 428/2009 on export control on dual-use goods and technologies (“Dual-Use...

Tim Hesselink

Partner, Attorney

International Trade & Regulatory – Export Controls & Sanctions

  • International trade & Logistics
  • Customs
  • Logistics & Transport
26 March 2021 | Being compliant with export control and sanctions legislation is of great importance for companies engaged in international trade as violation of this legislation can...

Eline Mooring


Brexit: postponement of UK Border Controls

  • International trade & Logistics
  • Customs
  • Export Controls & Sanctions
24 March 2021 | From 1 January 2021 the United Kingdom (UK) operates a full, external border as sovereign nation. While the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (UK-EU TCA) facilitates...