Cassation and Civil Procedural Law

Arnold Birkhoff

Partner, Attorney, Voice of the Customer

When can an employment condition - not included in the employment agreement - be claimed by an employee?

Suppose that an employee has Wednesday afternoon off for years already, while nothing about it has been agreed in his/her employment contract. After a period of time, the...

China New e-Commerce Law: More compliance and stronger protection of consumers

  • Asia
As from 1 January 2019, China will implement a new e-commerce law. This new law will provide for a better protection for consumers and owners of brands. That way China will...

Tim Hesselink

Partner, Attorney

EU Customs Valuation:Wake-Up Call for MNE

  • Customs
  • Trade & Contracts
Worldwide customs valuation rules have developed from a concept of objective market value to the current concept of transaction value. Whereas afocus on the price actually...

Marc Padberg

Managing partner, Attorney

International Trade & Regulatory – Export Controls & Sanctions - Iran Sanctions Special (part I)

  • International trade & Logistics
  • Customs
  • Export Controls & Sanctions
Being compliant with export control and sanctions legislation is of great importance for companies engaged in international trade as violation of this legislation can lead...

Evert-Karel Ditvoorst

Partner, Attorney

Dismissal of a director under the articles of association

  • FMCG & Retail
  • Food & Health
  • Insurance and Financial Institutions
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Maritime & Offshore Industry
  • International trade & Logistics
  • Trade & Contracts
The general meeting of a company may dismiss a director under the articles of association. If that director has an employment contract, the Supreme Court has already ruled...