EU Commission publishes a handbook on export control for chemicals

In December 2019 the EU Commission published the Export Control Handbook for Chemicals.

The handbook is a practical guide for exporters and customs/license officers. There are several instruments regulating the export of chemicals, including the EU Dual-Use Regulation, the EU Common Military List, restrictive measures imposed against certain jurisdictions and legislation concerning specific chemicals.  

The handbook provides a brief overview of relevant EU export control regulations in force, followed by correlation tables listing the chemicals by their name, ECN, CAS, CN code and the EU Regulation through which they are controlled. ECNs (Export Control Numbers) are the European Codes for Export Control in Annex I of the EU Dual-Use Regulation. CAS numbers (Chemical Abstract Service) are internationally recognized, unique identifying codes for chemical substances. CN codes (Combined Nomenclature) are used to classify goods and are updated on an annual basis, taking into account changes adopted at international level, such as changes to the Harmonized System (HS) nomenclature adopted at the World Customs Organization. The overview lists the chemicals with the above codes, providing an extensive overview to serve as a useful tool for those involved in the export or distribution of chemicals.

The handbook is available.