Export2China 1/2: How to operate within the Chinese legal system (video)

Last week I was interviewed by the Chamber of Commerce on Doing Business within the Chinese Legal System. I had a discussion with a seasoned businessman on the differences between Chinese and Dutch law. You can watch the interview, using the link below.

The subjects covered in this video are

  • 00:46 China does not recognize judgments handed down by Dutch courts
  • 01:39 Assessment of contracts by both Dutch and Chinese lawyers
  • 01:53 Dispute resolution and arbitration procedures in China
  • 02:15 The difference between the working methods of Dutch and Chinese law firms
  • 03:49 Practical tips for signing contracts and the post-execution phase

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about legal matters relating to exporting to China or wish to discuss your ideas with me.