Export2China 2/2: Control your business in China with contracts (video)

Last week I was interviewed by the Chamber of Commerce on Doing Business within the Chinese Legal System. In this interview, I talked with a seasoned businessman about how to use contracts to maintain the upper hand in relation to powerful Chinese distributors. Moreover, we discussed the contractual dos and don’ts in China and goodwill among business associates.

The subjects covered in this video are

  • 0:10 Practical tips for exporting to China
  • 0:35 Many Dutch companies want to do business with China
  • 0:58 Delays in orders due to contractual discounts
  • 2:10 The benefits of powerful Chinese partners
  • 2:25 Tightening the strategy in light of the current situation
  • 3:17 Terminating a distribution agreement
  • 3:51 Incorporating a business in China


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about legal matters relating to exporting to China or wish to discuss your ideas with me.