Is the Dutch reformed Dismissal Act here to stay?

The Dutch Minister of Social Affairs Lodewijk Asscher has received some criticism on his reform of the Dismissal Act (Wet Werk en Zekerheid, Wwz). Already in March, not even one year after the Wwz was passed, the chairman of the Dutch association for SMEs concluded that the new law has failed. With the election in the Netherlands coming up in March 2017, the Wwz gets renewed attention. Almost everyone in the Dutch parliament states that the targets of the Wwz have not been met, which included reducing the gap between permanent and temporary jobs and easing procedures for hiring and firing. As the targets have not been met, changes to the act are necessary. Last week, several member of parliament repeated that the targets were not met. The legislation in its current form does not align with a changing labor market. Minister Asscher supports his act for now. We would have to wait if the new government, who will take office in Spring 2017, will change the Wwz.

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