Kneppelhout and Hui Ye Law Firm signed Memorandum of Cooperation

Kneppelhout and Hui Ye Law Firm signed Memorandum of Cooperation

On 3 December 2020, a ceremony was held through Zoom Meetings, where Hui Ye Law Firm (hereinafter “Hui Ye”) and Kneppelhout officially signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC).

In the ceremony, Mr. Marc Padberg and Mr. Gordon Yang signed the MoC.Cooperation between Hui Ye and Kneppelhout has started in 2017. Both Kneppelhout and Hui Ye are looking forward to expanding their business in the international market and exploring more possibilities to cooperate. Therefore,  the signing of the MoC marks the official cooperation between the two firms and further reflects their intents of underpinning a deeper tie. It also marks that their cooperative relationship will be stepping into a brand new stage.Following the signing, both firms also exchanged their insights on a broad range of modalities for their future cooperation, such as organizing promotional activities and publishing legal articles jointly, and planning business visits and team-building activities, etc.

About Hui Ye

Hui Ye Law Firm is a pioneering full-service law firm in China that specializes in providing commercial legal services. In recent years, it has won a number of awards, honors and industry qualifications, such as ALB Top 50 Asian Law Firms, ALB TOP 30 Largest Chinese Law Firms , ALB China's fastest growing firms, Asialaw Profiles Ranking for Coporate and M&A, China Business Law Awards for "Golden League" and "Firms to watch", LEGALBAND Top Law Firms in China for Cybersecurity and Data Protection, the Excellent Law Firm of Shanghai, the Advanced Group in Shanghai's Judicial Administration System, the Grade-1 Insolvency Administrator Designated by Shanghai High People's Court, Patent Agency, the Key Service and Trade Supplier of Shanghai (Class of Law), the Member of National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors, etc. For more info on Hui Ye, please visit its official website.

Kneppelhout and Hui Ye are both looking forward to their in-depth cooperation in advantageous fields like cross-border investment, corporate law, international trade, etc., and to providing international clients with a full range of legal services . It is believed that the two parties will, based on mutual trust, jointly expand each other's international business and explore new models of international cooperation in Sino-Dutch projects related to trade, construction, logistics, finance, electronics, chemicals, machinery, energy, and geriatrics.