Kneppelhout is nominated for Grand Prix Content Marketing Award

The announcement was made by the organization on the 14th of October. The Grand Prix are the leading awards for content marketing in which a selected jury checks strategy, execution and results. Organizations that consistently use content to achieve certain communication, marketing or sales targets may be nominated. 2016 has been a record year for Grand Prix, with 190 submitted cases to choose from. “This confirms that content marketing is very alive and developing rapidly”, according to the 7-member jury. 

The Grand Prix consists of awards for the most successful strategies and sub rewards for outstanding productions in specified branches, such as “Best Marketing PR Campaign”, Kneppelhout’s Grand Prix nomination. More specifically, our PR-strategy is praised.

Adding value to the brand

The process of choosing a lawyer is always made with great consciousness: the feeling has to be just right and the expertise of the law firm needs to fit with the challenge or question. Beyond structurally expanding the brand awareness of Kneppelhout, the PR-efforts also have to add value to the brand, thus showcasing the expertise Kneppelhout has to offer. LVB Networks came into the picture, work was started.

One-time stunt is useless

A one-time stunt to make the Kneppelhout brand visible would be useless. Therefore, a two-branch strategy was laid out in which one enhances the other and vice versa: an in-depth branch and a brand branch. Within the in-depth branch, we are establishing ourselves as an authority within areas we would like to be the leader, such as the effects of the rise of robotics on the labor market. These themes are also expanded offline by organizing large events related to the topic. The other branch, the brand branch, shows the company culture that is used to distinguish ourselves from other firms.

Event impression (in Dutch)


Since the start of our campaign in September 2015, a structural visibility in relevant media was realized with more than 100 publications. The publicity around WhatsApp or customer reviews can be taken into account when mentioning the publications. Also, much attention was paid to the company culture in external media and new talent that was attracted thanks to this publicity. Kneppelhout is more informal than ‘regular’ firms, which is perceived as more accessible by clients, also by our larger clients. “In Rotterdam, you can leave your tie at home. Unless you have an appointment of course. We even have employees walking around in sneakers”. 

Besides that, we have improved our ease of being found. The firm has become leading on Google in the Netherlands when searching for relevant topics. All publications, that have been posted integrally on our website, ensures us an influx of online traffic each week. For example, if one were to google ‘klanten helpen whatsapp’ in the Dutch Google, our Dutch blog post will be the first organic result. Such material is right at the heart of our target audience and has delivered promising requests, and clients.


The ceremony in which the awards will be handed out will take place on Thursday 17th of November 2016 at DeFabrique in Utrecht, the Netherlands. A complete overview of nominated cases can be found on the website of Grand Prix.