[Press release] Tim Hesselink appointed new international trade & regulatory partner at Kneppelhout

Rotterdam, 14 March 2018 – On 1 March 2018, Tim Hesselink (43) joined Kneppelhout & Korthals as equity partner. He joins Kneppelhout’s Trade, Industry and Logistics practice. Tim Hesselink is an international trade lawyer specialised in a range of European Union international trade policy and regulatory issues in areas where surveillance by national authorities affects international trade. Tim Hesselink comes to Kneppelhout from KPMG Meijburg & Co. and, aside from his work as an international trade lawyer, he teaches customs law, export control and sanctions law at both Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

Marijn van Tuijl, head of Kneppelhout’s Trade, Industry and Logistics practice, is excited to welcome Tim Hesselink on board. “With Tim’s arrival, Kneppelhout is set to further build its international trade & regulatory practice, which has experienced rapid growth in recent years and is key to our ambition to help clients whenever regulatory supervision and enforcement affect international trade and logistics.”

“Kneppelhout’s expertise in the areas of customs, anti-dumping, export control and sanctions is uniquely combined with extensive experience in civil liability, contracting, insurance and civil, administrative and criminal litigation. Along with this expertise, the international networks in which Kneppelhout operates provide tremendous opportunities for me to extend my international trade & regulatory practice”, Tim Hesselink says.

International trade & regulatory

Kneppelhout’s international trade & regulatory practice touches the core of international business and the flow of goods. Each business trading or shipping products internationally faces the question whether it complies with the complex, usually tax- and politically driven, regulatory requirements.  Jikke Biermasz, partner in Kneppelhout’s Trade, Industry and Logistics practice and specialised in customs law, explains, “Traditionally, customs law in the Netherlands was the domain of the Big Four accountancy firms. However, positioning this practice within a law firm offers unique advantages, not in the least because of the attorney-client privilege and the mandatory legal representation in civil matters.  In-depth knowledge is an absolute must, but it is no easy task to fathom the complicated and ever-changing legislation. Tim joining the team is an important step in growing our international trade & regulatory practice. I am especially welcoming the knowledge and expertise Tim has in the areas of export control and sanctions law.”

About Kneppelhout

Kneppelhout is a Dutch law firm with a strong focus on international business. The firm mainly assists clients in the industry sectors Food & Agriculture, Industry & High-tech, Life Sciences & Health, Maritime & Logistics and Circularity. Client commitment and service is what makes Kneppelhout stand out and worth working with. Kneppelhout is a member of various international specialist networks, including Green Lane - The Alliance of European Customs and Trade Law Firms, the Food Lawyers Network and the Antitrust Alliance.