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Olaf van Haperen

Partner, Attorney

Under new legislation, businesses run the risk of being fined up to € 820,000

  • IT, Privacy & Data Security
07 January 2016 | In the programme broadcast of De Financiële Telegraaf TV, I discussed the Dutch Data Leaks Notification Act (Wet Meldplicht Datalekken), which came into effect on 1...

Dutch fines more than doubled as of 2017

  • Competition & Market Regulation
06 January 2016 | On 22 December, the Dutch Parliament approved a legislative proposal as a result of which the maximum personal fines that can be imposed following violations of the...

Jikke Biermasz

Partner, Attorney

European Logistics Consortium awarded EC grant to achieve breakthrough in supply chain collaboration

  • International trade & Logistics
  • Collaboration in the supply chain and Logistics innovation
  • Competition & Market Regulation
  • Intellectual Property & Advertising
  • Logistics & Transport
29 October 2015 | NexTrust ( a 30 member consortium of some of Europe’s leading thinkers on collaborative logistics, has secured a grant from the European...

Trading in the Netherlands from a Chinese point of view: best practices.

07 August 2015 | The ongoing growth of China as an exporting giant goes hand in hand with a head-on culture clash while conducting trade with Europe’s mainland. In this article we focus on the...

Free Trade Agreements Create New Business Opportunities in Vietnam

  • Asia
07 July 2015 | Vietnam is making rapid progress in concluding free trade agreements with other countries and regions in order to boost trade and investment and create business...