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André began his career in 1974 at the Dutch Tax Administration. After completing his studies in Dutch and Tax Law, he worked there as a VAT inspector. From 1992 to 2002, André handled large customs cases as a tax consultant at Loyens & Loeff and KPMG Meijburg.

André is specialised in tax and non-tax regulations with respect to the import and export of goods. During his career, which now counts more than 40 years, André has learnt everything there is to know about the practice of customs law. He litigates, of course, in proceedings initiated to lodge objections and appeals against the Tax Administration/customs officials in Dutch courts and in the European Court of Justice. But he also knows his way around the Dutch Tax Administration/customs if his clients wish to initiate a dialogue.

He furthermore advises national and international clients concerning cost savings and savings on customs duties, due diligences, pre-audits, tax inspections and compromise agreements with customs and VAT inspectors and the Ministry of Finance. He writes for the column VAT and Customs in Kluwer Highlights & Insights.

As a lawyer, André is down-to-earth. He knows better than anyone how to unravel the most complex legal arguments of the opposing party and then to refute them concisely in simple words.

André and Kneppelhout
‘In my customs practice, I noticed over the course of time that I increasingly had to work with legal firms to be able to guarantee my clients an effective approach. From this experience, I formed the view that I should no longer run my customs practice from a tax consultants office. Instead, I realised I should run it from within the legal profession in a multidisciplinary setting.’

‘That is why I joined DLA SchutGrosheide (now DLA), which is known for its flourishing practice in the fields of international trade and transport law. At  DLA, I was a member of the Executive Committee of the EMEA Regulatory Group. In 2007, I was one of the founders of Padberg-Spanjaart Advocaten. In 2010, this legal firm merged with Kneppelhout.’


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