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When it comes to services and client orientation, Arnold is bent on making Kneppelhout the best in Rotterdam. Arnold is goal-oriented, enthusiastic and has a passion for people. ‘Just do it!’ is his motto, both literally and figuratively. This makes him a pleasant, reliable and extremely fanatic business partner for clients of all kinds, in all conditions. 'What attracts me in this profession is not only the law, but rather the solution and significance this holds for my clients. The dynamics, impact and flexibility that this demands of us are only for the good in my eyes.' Arnold is partner since 2004 and leader of Employment.


Arnold represents senior-level (board room members and supervisory directors) employees and, in particular, he handles impactful, multidisciplinary employer cases in which his insight provides a clear way forward. He is on an ongoing basis involved in collective labour law issues and corporate employee participation on side of the company as well as the Works Council. Arnold is also dealing with corporate privacy issues and is a helpful partner in cases of regulatory authorities. Apart from being an expert in his field, he also serves as the linchpin between the client and all the expertise that Kneppelhout has on board. Arnold regularly gives lectures and also loves to teach. He has given lectures several times for the minor course program in Labour Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He has done the same at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam.


Dutch, English


Association of Dutch Labour Law Attorneys (VvA), Association Rotterdam Labour Law Attorneys (VRAA), Association Labour Law Attorneys Netherlands (VAAN)


Law Erasmus University Rotterdam


'At home things are not less hectic. Having a family with four children and a spouse that is a practicing doctor is enough of a challenge on its own. Only when sailing out on the sea do I find true relaxation.'


Partner, Attorney, Voice of the Customer, Sectiehoofd