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Meet Caspar

Caspar Janssens is a creative, enthusiastic and dedicated attorney. He started his career at one of the eldest investment banks in the Netherlands, where he was trained to put clients first. Besides his banking activities, Caspar studied civil law. That inspired him so much that he decided to switch to the legal profession, something he has not regretted.

From day one as an attorney, Caspar has been very much involved in complicated legal proceedings, including appeals in cassation (civil-law). He is a true litigator, being very partial to procedural law. In his opinion, procedural law is a wrongly neglected area of law. Yet, despite being a true litigator, he prefers a practical amicable solution: ''go to court if you have to, settle if you can.''

As an experienced cassation attorney, Caspar has obtained his qualification to bring cases before the Supreme Court of the Netherlands. Cases submitted to the Supreme Court do not just require a thorough knowledge of the case and the law, but also require the attorney to be creative and to be able to think out of the box. Those qualities come in handy in proceedings submitted to the lower courts, so Caspar often also acts a sounding board for his colleagues in complicated legal cases, not only with a view to a possible appeal in cassation, but also to finding the best litigation strategy.

Caspar & Kneppelhout
Caspar is in his proper element at Kneppelhout: ''Kneppelhout considers service and putting the client first of paramount importance and those are core values that I was taught early in my banking career. Kneppelhout’s motto is ‘just be yourself’ and that is exactly what I try to do as an attorney. Especially in proceedings before the Supreme Court, you cannot always avoid using jargon and gibberish, but I will make sure that my clients understand what the proceedings, which can often be abstract, are about. In the end, it is about them!''


  • Chair of the Board of Governors of Duinoordschool, The Hague


  • Dutch Law Association
  • Dutch Association for Procedural Law
  • Association of Civil-Law Practitioners of Supreme Court Litigation
  • Vereniging Kunst Cultuur Recht


Attorney at the Supreme Court