Derya Ada

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Meet Derya

Derya Ada graduated from the University of Leiden in 2010 and has worked at Kneppelhout since 2011. As a lawyer and trademarks consultant, she advises clients concerning all aspects of intellectual property law. In her daily practice, Derya focuses on Intellectual Property Law, with special attention given to trademark and industrial design rights. She also works in the areas of copyright, trade name law and advertising law. Derya primarily works for companies and multinationals active in the fashion, furniture, sports, film and travel industries. She assists these organisations in a wide range of legal proceedings, including opposition and infringement proceedings.

Derya and Kneppelhout
‘More than anyone, I feel involved in the business of the client. In addition to the legal aspects, I love to think along with the client about the creative process and the client’s business. Because of my experience as a lawyer and trademarks consultant, I can provide my clients with practical, valuable advice during the process leading up to (possible) conflicts. I also like to assist them with thinking through the setting up and management of (international) trademark and industrial design portfolios.’

‘Trademark (rights) and industrial design (rights) also keep me occupied in my free time. Shopping is a hobby… but I also like to cook, I love good food and I enjoy spending time with family and friends.’